What Causes My Furnace to Blow Cold Air?

why is my furnace blowing cold air?

Is there a worse time for your furnace to start blowing cold air in your Georgetown home than on a cold winter night? If this is happening to you, it’s helpful to know why this could be occurring and what you can do to troubleshoot the problem so you aren’t left freezing in your Texas home.

If at any time you feel unsure about how to get your heat working properly again, give our AiRCO Heating & Air Conditioning professionals a call. We would be happy to assist, so you can feel warm and comfortable inside your home—as you should be!

Top 4 Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Working

While there are several reasons why your furnace could be out of order, here are a few of the most common:

1. Incorrect Setting on Your Thermostat

Your furnace problem could be as simple as having the fan on your thermostat set to On instead of Auto. Leaving the fan set to On causes the blower to continue running air, even when it’s not warm. If the fan is set this way, there’s an easy fix—just switch the thermostat setting to Auto and the cool air will soon be replaced with warm air if this is the issue!

2. Dirty Air Filter

Another reason your furnace may not work or be able to keep your home comfortable is because of an unkept air filter. A dirty filter can cause the motor to overwork, and then the furnace will shut down as a result of overheating. When your furnace overheats, it stops blowing air—so your home won’t be getting any heat.

You can replace your air filter with a new one, or clean the air filter you have if it’s washable and able to be reused. While the fix is simple, it’s important to remember to replace or clean your filter regularly.

3. Issue With Gas or Pilot Light

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), 49 percent of homes use natural gas to heat their homes. If you have a gas furnace, your furnace could be blowing cold air because the pilot light is out.

One of our gas furnace professionals should evaluate and address this situation to determine why the pilot light is not working—and whether there is an issue with the thermocouple or some other component. Let our AiRCO experts step in and get your gas furnace back in working order for you.

4. Blocked or Leaky Ductwork

Tears or leaks in your air ducts will limit the amount of warm air circulating throughout your Georgetown home. As a result, you may have cold spots. It can be difficult to see where the problem is in your ducts, so reach out to our AiRCO professionals who can use the proper tools to determine where the issue is occurring and resolve it for you.

The only way to truly know what is going on with your furnace is by having an AiRCO Heating & Air Conditioning expert come out to inspect it for you. Our skilled heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals can diagnose and correct the problem accordingly so your Texas home will be heating up properly in no time.

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