Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting.
Indoor and Outdoor Lighting.

Want to transform the atmosphere of your Austin home? Adding new lighting and upgrading outdated lighting both inside and outside of your home can make all the difference.

There's nowhere better to turn in Texas for trusted lighting design, wiring, and fixture installation and upgrades than AiRCO Mechanical.

When it comes to your comfort, our experts always have your best interests in mind. Our team of licensed and certified professionals can tackle any electrical job and create the environment you have always wanted at home.

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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Services in Austin

Are you looking to brighten up your yard with solar lighting? Do you want motion sensor lighting to ward off any trespassers?

Maybe you want a brighter kitchen, or you are more interested in adding dimmable lighting to your living room so you can adjust the brightness however you see fit. In any case, your indoor and outdoor lighting should be tailored to your specific needs.

AiRCO Mechanical offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor electrical services so you can enjoy the lighting you've always wanted, both inside and outside of your home. Whether your goal is safety, comfort, productivity, relaxation, or a combination, our experts are here to assist with any indoor and outdoor lighting installation services you need.

We begin all of our projects by discussing your particular needs and recommending the best methods to achieve your goals. Whether that involves a particular fixture or brand, rewiring, or complete removal and upgrade, we will guide you every step of the way.

Our experts will keep your safety in mind at all times. We follow strict procedures to ensure your indoor and outdoor lighting is installed safely and correctly.

Indoor Lighting Installation and Upgrades

No matter what type of lighting fixture you want to add inside or outside of your home, our electricians are here to take on the job and transform your home for the better. We can install new lighting or remove and replace outdated and faulty lighting.

Not sure which lighting to go with? Our experts can help you, all the way from coming up with the design concept to recommending the best lighting fixtures and products to installing them for you.

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

Our professionals can install and replace a variety of indoor lighting fixtures. Whether you are looking for lighting that is more modern, fancy, casual, or convenient, we can recommend the best lighting fixture for each room inside our home.

Some lighting fixtures we install include:

  • Recessed lighting
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Floor and table lamps
  • Desk lamps
  • Track lighting
  • Pendants
  • Wall sconces
  • Ambient lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Decorative accent lighting
  • And much more!

Light Switches

Looking to upgrade the light switches in your Austin, TX,  home? Our electrical professionals can install and replace many different types of light switches, including:

  • Single-pole switches, double-pole switches, three-way switches, and four-way switches-A single-pole switch has one circuit and is used to switch lighting on and off. Double-pole switches let you control two circuits with the same switch. A three-way switch lets you control one circuit from two separate locations. Four-way switches control lighting for three or more locations, and they are more commonly used in commercial settings rather than residential ones.
  • Toggle switches-These switches flip up and down; they may also simply be referred to as flip switches.
  • Rocker switches-These switches are flatter and can be pressed down on one end when you want to turn lights or appliances on or off.
  • Push-button switches-These switches work like a button. You push them when you want to turn lights or appliances on and off.
  • Dimmer switches-A dimmer switch allows you to adjust the brightness, so you can turn or move the switch for an extremely bright room or a dim, more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Motion-activated light switches-These switches automatically turn the lights on or off when they detect motion.
  • And much more!

Outdoor Landscape Lighting and Pathway Lighting

Add outdoor lighting to complement your landscaping, create an attractive entrance, and boost your Austin home's overall curb appeal.

Some options for outdoor pathway lighting include:

  • Solar LEDs-Solar LED lighting is a simple way to brighten up your property. Solar-powered outdoor lights are able to convert sunlight into electricity, which they store in batteries so they can turn on automatically when it gets dark outside. This is an environmentally friendly and hassle-free method for outdoor lighting.
  • Garden lighting-With garden lighting, you can illuminate your gardens in the front and the back of your house. This is also great for neighborhood entrances, public parks, and the front of attractions and other commercial settings. It draws attention to your flowers and helps guests safely find their way to and from your entrance.
  • Flush lighting-Add more light to your front or back porch by installing flush lighting. A flush-mounted light is a light on the ceiling that faces down and brightens up the area. These are perfect for covered porches, patios, and decks. When your flush light is on, guests can easily see the entrance to your home when it's dark outside, and you can sit back and relax outside with just enough light to see your surroundings.
  • Bollard lighting-Bollard lights are lighting fixtures that are typically used to outline pathways, driveways, and gardens. They are energy efficient and have a nice, modern look.
  • Lampposts-A single lamppost or a series of lampposts can help brighten your patio, yard, and entrance to your home. Lampposts are a tall, durable, and attractive lighting option for your property.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Other types of outdoor lighting include wall lighting. You may choose to add outdoor wall lights to the front, back, and/or sides of your Austin home, porch, patio, or beside your front door, side door, or sliding glass doors.

Adding outdoor wall lighting can help you achieve a more modern look for your home, keep you safer by reducing the risk of break-ins, and create a more enjoyable and functional home.

Some outdoor wall light styles include:

  • Traditional outdoor lights
  • Contemporary outdoor lights
  • Mission outdoor lights
  • Coastal outdoor lights
  • Transitional outdoor lights

Security Lighting

Adding lights anywhere on your property does more than just create an attractive home-it also keeps you and your loved ones safe. Most burglars are deterred from well-lit homes.

For extra security, you may consider outdoor motion-detected lighting. If anyone steps within reach of the motion detector, the light will instantly turn on. Some lights can be activated by a timer, so when you go away, your lights will turn on and it will appear to others as if you are still home, which can deter intruders from breaking into your home.

Whether you are interested in adding indoor lighting to brighten up your home, outdoor landscaping lighting for a more attractive entrance, or security lighting for protection, AiRCO Mechanical is here to help. We can discuss your indoor and outdoor lighting goals and make recommendations to help you achieve them. Call for your free indoor and outdoor lighting consultation today.

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