Commercial Pre-Construction Services

Commercial Pre-Construction Services.
Commercial Pre-Construction Services.

We’re firm believers that planning ahead makes all the difference in success. That’s why we offer commercial pre-construction services for HVAC and plumbing here at AiRCO Mechanical. When you invite us to participate in your project from the planning stages, we know from experience that everything will go smoother for you. Our highly qualified team of professionals can work with your team to ensure your business’s specific needs are met–cost effectively.

It’s good business practice to be proactive rather than reactive. With our 30-years-plus experience, we can help you plan for growth, inevitability, and return on investment, alleviating the need for costly adjustments later down the road. Let’s face it, designing your project correctly with a detailed understanding from the beginning is how we all want to operate. It’s smarter all the way around.

Trust Us With Your Project

We’re trusted to design and fabricate complex yet efficient air conditioning, heating and plumbing systems for some of the biggest facilities in the Austin area, from the University of Texas at Austin to Alamo Drafthouse. This is because we have proven ourselves time and time again.

We have the capability to take a project from the very beginning planning stages to the final stages following installation and implementation. Our tools and equipment are the most cutting edge and current versions, allowing our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals to successfully implement even the most challenging of designs. They’re trained to work with your architects and contractors in such a way that communication is at the forefront of the process, continually integrating ideas and information from all arenas to ensure your project is realized as planned.

Services You Can Expect

Our team of professionals isn’t limited to one type or size project. We have the expertise and resources to handle any HVAC and/or plumbing project your business may have, as we have an extensive range of pre-construction services to ensure a cost-effective and successful achievement of your project.

When working with our team, you can expect a unique, customized solution, on time, on budget, with innovative results. Our proficiency in delivering this level of results stems from our pre-construction services. We utilize design-build, estimate and budget, design-assist, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services to develop and implement your HVAC and/or plumbing project to fruition.


Our design-build process is a carefully cultivated method we’ve cultivated from our years of experience and knowledge to assist us in achieving the results we insist upon for you, our client. Here is where we begin our collaborative procedure of working with your team to design your plan, paying intense attention to identifying any particular challenges and devising the best solutions, all while heeding time and cost factors.

Estimate and Budget

Giving your project accurate estimates at the concept stage is paramount to a successful budget. Our team of estimators have the necessary expertise to assemble numbers to accurately forecast costs for your project. Taking those costs and designing a comprehensive project budget is a value that can’t be underestimated. Our experienced team will work with your architects, engineers, and managers to ascertain all feedback and ideas for the most refined and precise budget, allowing you the maximum profitability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency for your project.


Allowing our knowledgeable team to assist you in your project design eliminates the stress of worrying about errors and mis-coordinations. Our design team will closely coordinate with all your team members to be sure all systems are individually designed to accurately fulfill the specifics of the project’s system(s).


BIM allows our team to assimilate all project ideas in one place—construction, design, unique and functional specifics. This most-advanced software allows our team, in tandem with your team, to visualize your system in an accurate, virtual 3D format. It enables comprehensive coordination between the various involved teams and team members, ensuring no details are overlooked.

Our company was founded with six employees in 1983 and has grown to 300 employees. We’ve built an impressive arsenal of resources, like our sheet metal fabrication shop we founded in 1986, and has been producing at a massive scale ever since. At AiRCO Mechanical, we utilize everything in our expansive reach to guarantee you are satisfied with your project. Our commercial HVAC and plumbing pre-construction services definitely reflect this. To talk to us in more detail about our past projects, these services, or how we can customize a project for you, call us today at 512-537-1234.

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