EV Chargers

EV charging station.
EV charging station.

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

AiRCO Mechanical can install an electric vehicle charger at your Austin, TX,  home, offering a convenient way to enjoy your ride and the road.

Whether you own an all-electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), AiRCO Mechanical can help. We can install, replace, repair, and maintain your EV charging station so that you can quickly charge your electric vehicle in the comfort of your Texas home!

EV Charging Station Services in Austin and Round Rock

Adding an EV charging station to your home is the most convenient way to ensure your electric vehicle quickly charges.

There are three charging speeds for electric vehicles:

  •  Level 1-charges using a standard 120-volt (120v) outlet
  • Level 2-charges using 240v outlet
  • Level 3 Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC)-charges rapidly using a 480-volt 3-phase electrical power but is mostly limited for commercial use

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, plugging in an all-electric vehicle into a standard 120v outlet for Level 1 charging could take 40-50 hours to charge from empty. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle could take 5-6 hours to charge from empty.

But using Level 2 charging for all-electric vehicles takes about 4-10 hours to charge from empty and 1-2 hours for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Be sure to speak with our AiRCO Mechanical experts to discuss all of your electric vehicle charging station options.

Upgrade Your EV Charging Station Today

You could use a standard 120v outlet to charge your electric vehicle-but you will likely have to wait a day or two for your vehicle to fully charge.

Or, you could have our AiRCO Mechanical professionals install a Level 2 240v, wall-mounted charger so you can charge your electric vehicle in no time!

Let our experts create the charging station you need for your new electric vehicle for the ultimate convenience! You will enjoy having peace of mind knowing your vehicle can charge much quicker and you can travel wherever you need to go.

EV Charging Station Installation and Replacement

Ready to install your EV charging station at your home? Our professionals are ready to take on the project! Investing in an at-home EV charging station is ideal, especially if you don't have nearby access to a public charging station or can't wait for your electric vehicle to charge using a standard outlet.

Call our experts to begin the EV charger installation process!

AiRCO Mechanical has convenient financing options available too. Speak with our professionals to learn if you qualify for differed payments, low payment options, and low or no interest.

EV Charging Station Repairs and Maintenance

Do you have an electric vehicle charger that stopped working? Call our AiRCO Mechanical professionals! We will inspect your charging station and address any issues.

Some common problems you may experience with your EV charging station include:

  • Network connectivity issues
  • Broken plugs
  • Unresponsive screens
  • Cable issues
  • Charging slowly or not completely

You can trust AiRCO Mechanical to install, replace, repair, and maintain your EV charging station.

Call Today for Trusted EV Charger Services

AiRCO Mechanical is here to help whether you want to install, replace, repair, or maintain an EV charger at your Round Rock, TX, , home. Let us help you enjoy faster electric vehicle charging and convenience like never before. Call us today at 512-537-1234 or schedule an appointment online.

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