Zone Control System

Zone control service.
Zone control service.

Air conditioning might be a luxury in some parts of the country, but here in Austin, it's a necessity. Temperatures can skyrocket, and it can be unbearable without air conditioning. But sometimes inside our homes, there are rooms or areas that just can't get cool enough and other rooms where it's downright too cold. Actually, the same holds true for heating as well. A perfect solution for this kind of HVAC issue is zone controls, or a zone control system.

While zoning doesn't make your HVAC system more efficient, it does use your system most efficiently. Our experienced and reliable technicians at AiRCO Heating and Air Conditioning know exactly how to best design a zone control system to even out the temperatures throughout your home.

What Exactly Is It, and How Does It Work?

A zone control system puts the temperature control of individual rooms in your home directly in your hands. And this can be accomplished utilizing single zone unitary HVAC equipment. It allows you to warm or cool the rooms you use the most at the temperature you desire when you're using them, while keeping the temperature at a cost-savings level in the rooms you aren't using as often. The zone controls work cooperatively with your thermostat(s) to accomplish this task.

All you need to zone your home is the thermostat(s), a control panel, and ductwork zone dampers. It's that simple of a setup, though it's pretty powerful in practice.

Using thermostats to connect to a central control panel, a zone control system opens and shuts the various dampers installed throughout your ductwork. This allows the redistribution of airflow to happen by you setting the specific temperature for each zone.

A Zone Control System Is . . .

How can you tell what a zone control system is and what it's not? A zone can be anything you and your professional AiRCO Mechanical technician decide and design it to be. You may want either a group of rooms or a whole floor to be one zone. Or you could design your system so every room in your home is its own zone. Again, it's up to you and your technician.

And the Benefits Are . . .

Two of the primary benefits of this system are cost savings and energy efficiency. By only heating and cooling where it's specifically needed, you'll automatically be saving on energy costs and utilizing your HVAC system in its most efficient fashion. For even greater control, coupling your system with a programmable or smart thermostat can allow the most precise heating-and-cooling control in your home.

How to Decide If You Need Zone Controls

To assess if your home could benefit from a zone control system, call one of our experienced technicians to come out and conduct an honest evaluation. We never try to sell you anything you don't need. However, if you have any of the following conditions in your home, you would most likely benefit from zone controls:

  • Large open areas
  • Attic, basement, or over-the-garage rooms that are finished
  • Large windows
  • A two-story or more home
  • A large floor plan with areas unused on a daily basis
  • A concrete-slab foundation

Since each person in your home could adjust the temperature for his or her highest comfort, according to each zone and the zones' design, you could finally realize the greatest air comfort you've ever experienced in your home. Our technicians would welcome the chance to help you achieve that goal. Call us at 512-537-1234. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities here at AiRCO Heating and Air Conditioning.

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