We’re Having a Giveaway!

Have you ever wanted a super convenient, energy saving, programmable Wi-Fi thermostat for your heating and cooling system? Well, we’re giving one away! Here’s what you’ll get:

• Money Savings

A programmable thermostat is a great way to control your energy usage. By turning the temperature down just a few degrees when your home is unoccupied and at night when the temperatures tend to even out, you can stand to save quite a bit of money. It allows you to save without even having to think about it, because it’s all programmed into the device. In addition, by running your heating and cooling system less often, you decrease wear and tear, extending the life of your system.

• Added Convenience

Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to control the temperature from anywhere. All you need is an existing Wi-Fi network in your home and you will be able to adjust the temperature remotely. Many smart phones have apps to make access easier, but you can also use a computer connected to the Internet to change the settings as well.

• Free Installation

Not only do you get a great new device, but you also get our excellent service for free! Just sit back and relax as our AiRCO technician installs your new thermostat, and watch the savings start rolling in.

So if you want a new thermostat for your system, then you should sign up for our giveaway. One lucky winner will enjoy the benefits of yearlong savings, and who doesn’t enjoy a reduced energy bill?

Of course, you don’t have to win to save. We offer an array of energy saving services. So call one of our AiRCO representatives at 512.634.8049 for more information on how we can help you become more efficient, and sign up for our giveaway. Saving energy makes everyone a winner, and we’re excited to provide that to one lucky winner for free.

* AiRCO will provide 1 Wi-Fi thermostat with installation to the winner who will be chosen at random. The owner of the property must pre-authorize the installation. Existing wireless Internet must be present at time of installation to use the Wi-Fi capability of the thermostat. Airco does not guarantee compatibility with existing HVAC equipment or wireless service. A substitute $50 gift card for AiRCO services will be given to the winner if AiRCO deems the application of the proposed thermostat non-compatible for any reason. Winner must be within existing service area. AiRCO Mechanical LTD. TACLA 34113C

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