Setting the Record Straight: Energy-Saving Myths

You’d be surprised at how many energy-saving myths are making the rounds – practices and assumptions that people continue to follow even though they have no basis in fact or science. Following are some of the more enduring energy-saving myths, as well as the truth about each one.

Myth: Leaving lights and fans on saves more energy than turning them on as needed.
Truth: With modern technology, there’s no reason a light, fan, appliance or electronic device should be turned on if you’re not using it.

Myth: You’ll save more energy by leaving the temperature at a steady comfort level than by turning the temperature up and down to accommodate your schedule.
Truth: If you’re going to be absent for several hours during the day, setting the temperature back (higher in the summer, lower in the winter) for that time will save ample energy and money if done consistently. This is why programmable thermostats are in such demand – they do the work of adjusting energy-saving temperatures for you.

Myth: A heat pump is all you need to keep your home warm in the winter.
Truth: If only it were so. Unless you live in a mild-winter climate, you’ll probably require supplemental heat with your air-source heat pump. Usually, heat pumps come with an electric coil that provides auxiliary heating when the temperature outside falls much below freezing. However, for added energy savings, consider a dual-fuel heat pump system in which supplemental heat is provided by a gas furnace.

Myth: Close off unused rooms to save energy in a home with central heating and cooling.
Truth: While it may be OK to do this with one bedroom, avoid closing off larger areas or multiple rooms. Your HVAC system has been designed to heat and cool your entire house. If the area that’s being heated or cooled is reduced, your system probably will short cycle, wasting energy and stressing equipment, while providing uneven heating or cooling.

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