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A penny saved is a penny earned, according to Benjamin Franklin. While a penny obviously doesn’t have the same buying power today here in Austin as it did in Ben’s time, the sentiment remains the same. And at AiRCO, we want to save you money while ensuring your home’s comfort. One way to achieve both these goals is through regular maintenance of your home’s heating-and-cooling system. It may not seem like a priority to many homeowners, but that’s an expensive mistake. A lack of maintenance causes poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and inefficiency, as well as problems, in your HVAC system’s operations––which won’t be saving you in any amount, whether it’s a penny or a dollar.

Won’t Regular Maintenance Actually Cost Me More?

Our trusted technicians get asked this question pretty frequently. But the answer is a hands-down no! The opposite is true. By keeping your HVAC system in clean and updated working order, you’re saving on repair and replacement costs. So while you are investing money up front in maintenance, the payoff is bigger in overall savings.

What’s Involved in Maintenance?

This is another popular question our experts get asked. In a nutshell, our technicians clean and check your HVAC system on a regular basis, alerting you to any issues that may crop up along the way to avoid any unexpected failures.

During different times of the year, usually at the start of new seasons when temperatures tend to change, our technicians come to your home. At the appropriate time, they’ll clean and check your heating unit, whether it’s a furnace, heat pump, boiler, or ductless mini-split. They’ll take an inventory of all the motors, belts, hoses, valves, fans, wiring, tubes, sensors, controls, and so on, to be sure they’re in good working order. Your air filter will be changed at this time if you haven’t already replaced it recently, and your thermostat will be calibrated. At the same time, they’ll winterize your air conditioner, taking a quick inventory here as well. We want your air conditioner to turn right back on for you when the temperatures start rising again. Of course, at that time, you’ll want this unit and its components cleaned and checked by one of our reliable technicians too.

When cleaning and checking your cooling system, our technicians go over both your indoor units and outdoor unit. They’ll take a look at all the connections, coils, blower components, lines, refrigerant, drain, fuses, and thermostat(s), as well as lubricate all working parts. And reversely, they’ll prep your heating system to await til its needed again, just like they did your cooling system.

In addition, our experts regularly maintain your humidifier and dehumidifier, and all their ancillary components. Proper cleaning is crucial to good indoor air quality.

Monthly Maintenance Is a Reliable Fix for Unseen Risks

Just because the risks due to poor maintenance can’t be seen, it certainly doesn’t mean they don’t exist. With your HVAC system, the outdoor air that’s brought in to your home brings in pollutants, allergens, and other dangerous particles. Your properly maintained system will filter and prevent these contaminants from ever reaching your lungs.

Just a few of the unseen risks that can exist with poor maintenance, and can be spotted by one of our professionals during a maintenance appointment, are:

  • Gas flue pipes and connections beginning to develop leaks, eventually leading to dangerous gases entering your home’s air
  • Drain lines beginning to clog, eventually leading to a backup, causing water damage
  • Dirt buildup on your system, compromising your system’s operations and efficiency, requiring costly repair or replacement and higher monthly energy costs

What We Offer

Our AiRCO heating-and-cooling experts keep your system clean and up to date without trying to sell you anything you don’t need. Our monthly maintenance program ensures your HVAC system stays working, circumventing any system failures, which we all know occur at the worst possible moments in time. The program also makes certain you’re breathing quality air in comfort.

We offer regularly scheduled maintenance, proposing personalized and affordable plans with something for all homes and wallets. Within our plans, our professionals present expert analysis of individual needs. No cookie-cutter template is used. Our Smart Service plans ensure the comfort, safety, reliability, and efficiency of your home’s HVAC system.

Sign up today by calling us at 512.537.1234 to get improved air quality and a longer lasting heating-and-cooling system. The biggest difference you’ll be able to physically see is your lower energy costs and fatter wallet.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance in Round Rock, TX 78665

“Not only was Robert able to come visit in a quick and timely manner, but he also taught me some ways to help keep my A/C unit in tip top shape.
He's the kind of guy you want coming to your aid during the hot summer!”

– David S.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Pflugerville, TX 78660

“Technician came out on Sunday ( Robert Morales ) was very professional & very knowledgeable about what I needed to be fix with my AC Unit. The job he did was great & skillful. I recommend his service & his company Airco . job well done.”

– Michael P.

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