Young couple high five-ing after saving money on their electrical bills.

3 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter

September 8, 2023

Is your Texas home prepared for the cold? Cold weather means higher energy bills.

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Video – Indoor Electrical Safety

August 31, 2023

Keep your home safe from fire and electrocution by understanding basic indoor electrical safety procedures.

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5 Benefits of a Zone Control System - Man's Hand Controlling Thermostat.

5 Benefits of a Zone Control System

August 22, 2023

Are you looking to save money on your heating and cooling bills?

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Woman using plunger on kitchen sink drain.|

How To Unclog a Drain

July 3, 2023

Although clogged drains are often a nuisance, they can many times be managed at home with inexpensive solutions.

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Image of someone replacing a filter. 5 Things to Check If Your AC Stops Working.

5 Things to Check If Your AC Stops Working

June 26, 2023

It’s a hot summer day, and you’re ready to settle down and relax inside your Round Rock home—until your air conditioner (AC) goes out suddenly.

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Electrician performing maintenance on home's fuse box.|

Electrical System Maintenance Can Save Your Health and Home

June 1, 2023

The electrical wiring in your Texas home is mostly out of sight and likely out of mind, even though you use it every day.

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Avoid These Common Plumbing Mistakes! Plumbing pipes.

Avoid These Common Plumbing Mistakes!

June 1, 2023

At AiRCO Mechanical, our pros can diagnose your plumbing needs accurately and complete repairs and installations quickly, with as little disruption as possible. Our experts offer heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, and plumbing solutions to improve comfort in your Texas home. 

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plumber at work in a bathroom

What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Plumber?

May 10, 2023

Indoor plumbing is one of those things we all take for granted—that is, until we lose that convenience due to a plumbing problem.

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Close up image of a leaky faucet.

Video – How Much Water Does a Leaky Faucet Waste?

April 26, 2023

A leaky faucet is a fairly obvious sign that there is something wrong with your plumbing. Signs include include soggy floors, foundation cracks, water meter changes, or a mildew smell. One leak in itself doesn’t mean you need new plumbing necessarily but frequent leaks could be a sign of an aging pipe system. AiRCO Heating…

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Electrician inspecting fusebox with meter.|

Round Rock Home Electrical Inspections

April 20, 2023

Faulty electrical systems were the second leading cause of all U.S. home fires between 2015 and 2019, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

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