Lennox LZP4 Four-Zone System

Lennox LZP4 Four-Zone System.

A Perfect Solution for Almost Any Multistage System

Designed for easy integration with multistage heating and cooling systems, LZP-4 zoning helps you maintain optimal comfort from room to room, and season to season.

Greater Control Over Heating and Cooling

LZP-4 divides your home into four different areas, or “zones,” and gives you the flexibility to set a different temperature for each zone based on your home’s unique design and comfort requirements. 

More Comfortable, More Efficient

Because it can redirect heating and cooling away from unused rooms, the LZP-4 zoning system can help reduce energy costs without sacrificing your comfort.

Zoning With Dual-Fuel Capability

The LZP-4 zoning system is fully compatible with dual-fuel heating. So when it’s connected to a system that uses a furnace and heat pump together, the LZP-4 can keep your home warm using the most energy-efficient fuel source.

A Good Idea for Your Home and Family

LZP-4 zoning solves the challenge of making your home comfortable and energy efficient. It can be an ideal solution if you have:

  • Top floor that’s always warmer than lower floors
  • Large windows in your home
  • Family members with different temperature needs
  • High heating and cooling bills