5 Practical Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Enjoy Spring

Person watering indoor plants on a sunny day.

Warm spring weather here in Central Texas makes the outdoors irresistible for family fun, physical activities, and relaxation.

Before you know it, however, mid-spring temperatures will climb into the 80s, humidity will increase, and experiencing the season may feel more comfortable inside your air-conditioned Pflugerville home. Will your indoor environment feel as fresh as it can be?

Professional Help for Indoor Air

AiRCO Mechanical can help you maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) year-round. Our professionals are experts in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, air quality products, electrical services, and plumbing. We have your back when you need HVAC maintenance, repair, or installation.

We believe improved indoor air begins with maintaining your heating and cooling equipment. It is the first line of defense against health-jeopardizing contaminants that can foul your indoor environment. 

An annual tune-up will improve airflow, identify problems for repair, and clean your equipment. Clean equipment operates more efficiently and contributes fewer contaminants to your living space. Schedule maintenance with us at AiRCO Mechanical by calling 512-537-1234 or request service online.

In addition to a spring tune-up, consider these five tips for improving indoor air this spring: 

  1. Remove Allergens
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that controlling the source of indoor pollution is the most effective way to improve indoor air.

    That means refraining from smoking indoors, using ventilation fans, opening a window when you cook on a gas stove, and storing paint, varnishes, pesticides, and other household chemicals that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a shed or garage. Buy household cleaners that do not contain VOCs.

    Removing allergens and other particulate matter from your Pflugerville home requires a commitment to cleaning your home. You can keep pet dander, dust, and mold at bay by regularly dusting, vacuuming, brushing your pets, and washing bedding. You will have to roll up your sleeves and put in the work, but your lungs will thank you for it. 
  2. Install an Air Purifier
    You can buy a portable air purifier and move it from room to room as needed or install a whole-house system. Air purifiers remove viruses, bacteria, mold spores, dander, dust, and other particulate matter.

    REME HALO® air purifier is one of our favorite indoor air quality systems at AiRCO Mechanical. It sends hydrogen peroxide gas through air ducts and into your living space to break down and neutralize viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and odors. The charged hydrogen peroxide also forces particles, such as dust and pollen, to clump together and be more easily entrapped in an air filter.
  3. Clean Your Ductwork
    Clean air ducts are crucial for maintaining indoor air quality. Professional duct cleaning can remove the matter that can collect in your ductwork over time. Debris, dust, and even mold can coat the inside of your air ducts and lessen indoor air quality. Dirty ductwork can harbor insects and other pests.

    Clean air ducts enhance your HVAC system’s efficiency, saving energy and money. They also improve air circulation and indoor air quality. At AiRCO Mechanical, our qualified technicians not only repair and install ductwork but clean it, too. We will remove the gunk and leave your ductwork debris-free. You will notice the difference. 
  4. Change Your Air Filter
    Filter changes may seem trivial, but they significantly impact indoor air quality. Whether you own a furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner, your equipment will run more efficiently and help improve indoor air quality with a clean filter.

    Check your air filter every month for excessive dirt. Replace it with a clean filter at least every 90 days. 
  5. Lower Humidity
    Your heat pump or air conditioner helps remove excess moisture from indoor air as the humidity rises outside. You can supplement your HVAC equipment with a portable dehumidifier for localized humidity control or a whole-house dehumidifier to maintain a humidity level between 30 and 50 percent throughout your home.

    Promptly tumble-drying your laundry or hanging it outdoors on a clothesline can keep the moisture out of your living space. Moving indoor plants outside during the summer can reduce humidity. However, some plants, such as bamboo palms and mums, may reduce toxins in indoor air. 

Ask AiRCO Mechanical for IAQ Help

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