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Many people think heating is more important than air conditioning when it comes to indoor climate control and comfort. But those people have obviously never had to endure the oppressive heat of a long Texas summer. Whether you’re in Austin, Kyle or Round Rock, a high-powered AC unit is absolutely crucial in a state as humid and hot as good ol’ Texas.

Some studies have even shown that a quality AC unit can actually be beneficial to your health since it filters out harmful contaminants from the outdoor air. Outdoor pollution has been linked to cardiovascular issues, chronic asthma and allergies, to name a few. But if you’re using a well-maintained cooling unit, then most of these harmful pollutants never reach the inside of your home or office.

Conversely, a poorly maintained or contaminated AC unit can cause serious health issues, including skin irritation, fatigue, chronic asthma, congestion, dizziness and sometimes even death! Most people wouldn’t think that the indoor air they’re breathing is making them sick, but the phenomenon known as “sick building syndrome” has been around for decades. AC units work by taking warm air from outside and converting it to cool air. However, if the outdoor air is not filtered properly before being cooled, then it can create a cesspool of harmful bacteria and contaminants in your AC that are not safe to breathe.

Old houses or office buildings often use older AC units that may not have been maintained properly throughout the years. These shoddy air conditioning units contain dirty coils, vents, and ducts that contaminate the indoor air and put a serious strain on the heating and cooling systems. That’s why it’s paramount for your health – and your comfort – that you have your HVAC units properly serviced and maintained on a regular basis. Otherwise, who knows what could be lingering in your home…

With the experts at Airco, you can rest easy knowing that your home and or office is perfectly temperate and free of airborne contaminants. Not only does Airco offer the best heating and cooling services in central Texas, they also help keep your indoor air clean and cool with comprehensive maintenance plans, air quality assessment and reliable service. So call the local experts at Airco today and let them clear the air for you.

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