Tips for Protecting Your A/C Unit From Being Stolen

You’re A/C’s outdoor unit holds expensive copper in the coil, refrigerant lines and wiring. This makes it accessible to thieves who could destroy your most expensive A/C component to harvest its copper. Protecting you’re A/C unit from being stolen with some of our tips can help alleviate stress, inconvenience and costly equipment replacement.

Ways to Protect Your Outdoor A/C Unit

  • Enclose the unit in a steel cage that’s locked – A cage can offer effective year-round protection since many thieves won’t want to spend the extra time required to cut through reinforced steel. Their goal is generally a quick theft and a fast getaway. Make sure to speak a knowledgeable HVAC professional about whether a cage can be installed before you invest in one.
  • Opt for an alarm – An alarm will sound a loud siren that’s designed to drive away perpetrators if the outdoor unit’s voltage is interrupted, the refrigerant lines are cut or any tampering takes place.
  • Install a security camera and lighting – The combination of a motion-activated camera and one or more lights allows you to monitor the outdoor unit around the clock. Make sure both devices are installed where they’re not easily vandalized and place warning signs strategically to help deter thieves.
  • Add some camouflage – If thieves can’t spot the outdoor unit easily when they’re scouting for a target, they’ll likely pass your home by. To shield the air conditioner from view, add some shrubbery, a hedge or lattice panels. In some situations, leaving the air conditioner exposed can be just as effective. If it’s in plain sight near the front of the house and there’s frequent drive-by traffic, the prominent location may be enough to discourage thieves.
  • Use a tracking device – GPS technology offers a state-of-the-art tool to monitor movement of your outdoor HVAC unit. The device not only tracks the unit’s location if it’s stolen, but it can also alert both you and the police of the theft.

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