There’s Nothing Cool About A Broken AC

Living in Austin during the summer is a great time; frequent visits to the Green Belt, Wednesday evenings spent at Blues on the green, and plenty of time spent relaxing around great company. But summer can become a living nightmare when you come home after a hot day at Barton Springs to find out your air conditioner isn’t working.

If you’ve made it through an Austin summer, we don’t need to explain to you the importance of having a working air conditioner. Odds are you take your AC unit for granted. It’s not until your AC goes out that you realize how much you love clean, crisp, cool air flowing through your home. And then by this point you’re panicking because new AC units cost a fortune, you can’t get a maintenance worker out to your house till next week, and it’s hotter inside your house than it is outside.

Summer time is the time of the year when you need your air conditioner working at full capacity. You are using your AC more than you have all year and you’re demanding reliability from it. With increased usage you need to pay closer attention to the health of your AC unit.

An easy way to ensure your AC will continue to run throughout the summer is signing up for an AC repair service plan with Airco. Having a service plan subscription allows you to relax. Knowing that your AC unit is inspected on a regular schedule, you have someone who can come check your AC when it doesn’t perform up to standard, and you can have peace of mind knowing you can always cool off after a hot day in Austin, Texas. Airco has the best air conditioner service Austin has to offer, so do yourself the service and don’t live in fear of a broken air conditioner any longer.

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