The Benefits of a WiFi Thermostat

According to ENERGY STAR, an average household spends close to $2,200 a year on energy bills, half of which goes toward heating and cooling empty and unused spaces. The latest generation of programmable thermostats are now smart and can help reduce your energy costs by a few hundred dollars.

More affordable than ever, the WiFi thermostat has impressive features such as built-in WiFi capabilities, which can link to weather services and deliver up-to-date weather information allowing you to adjust the temperature from a computer or mobile device.

Some models can control more than one unit, which is useful for zoned systems with several thermostats or for multiple homes, and can even program themselves after evaluating changes you’ve made over time. WiFi thermostat options include Nest, Honeywell WiFi Smart and Ecobee Smart.

What to consider in a WiFi thermostat:

INSTRUCTION & SUPPORT: Easy by design they can be complicated to set up. Make sure the manufacturer provides
a detailed manual, online help and long-term warranty.

FEATURES: Have young children? Consider a keypad lock. Also decide if you want to calculate energy savings, need
flexible scheduling, or want to monitor the weather and humidity. Make sure the thermostat you buy is compatible
with your heating and cooling system.

DESIGN: Back-lit displays and large fonts are useful, but also consider what design goes best with your home’s decor. In an on-the-go society, the WiFi thermostat allows you to monitor your system anywhere, anytime. Even better is that WiFi connectivity enables manufacturers to update the thermostat’s functionality for optimal operation.

Be sure to consult with your HVAC professional about what type of WiFi thermostat and installation is best for your home.

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