The Advantages of Opting into an HVAC Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

If you’re considering buying a house in the Austin area, you should think about having an HVAC inspection performed as well as your regular home inspection prior to making an offer. An in-depth HVAC inspection is especially important for older houses, where the past of the cooling and heating systems can be questionable. It’s also imperative for new home owners to make sure the HVAC system was set up correctly and is up to warranty requirements.

The Importance of HVAC Inspection

During regular home inspections, the inspector evaluates the overall state of the house. Although the HVAC system is looked over, it’s often just tested to make sure the system is in a reasonable condition. It is not given a completely thorough check. This simple inspection may overlook common problems like excessive carbon monoxide levels, cracked heat exchanger or improper levels of coolant.

A comprehensive inspection can determine the length of time it is expected to last, help assist you in determining the age of the HVAC system as well as what repairs might be needed for the future. This gives you the necessary information to make an educated proposal on the house or request that the seller repair or replace the HVAC system previous to finalizing the deal.

The Process of an HVAC System Inspection

Your HVAC contractor inspects the HVAC system, to make sure it’s functioning safely and to determine the overall condition. The contractor will search for signs that show a lack of upkeep, such as a damaged system fans, clogged air filter, frayed belts, or dirty evaporator coils, as well as major issues like refrigerant leaks or unworkable safety systems. If issues like these are found after closing, you have no alternative and must pay for the maintenances yourself.

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