Signs of Central Air Conditioning System Failure

Signs of Central Air Conditioning System Failure

You rely on your air conditioning (AC) system to provide cool air and keep you comfortable in your Round Rock home, but it can only do so when it’s working correctly. When your system malfunctions, you’re left feeling overheated and unable to relax.

Learn to recognize the signs of a faulty air conditioning system so you can prevent a complete breakdown when you depend on having cool air in your Texas home the most.

AiRCO Heating & Air Conditioning strives to provide you with the relevant heating and cooling information you need. When you know what the signs of trouble are, you can be proactive, opt for replacement, repairs, or maintenance, and spare yourself the inconvenience of a frustrating situation.

Here are some critical indicators of a failing central air conditioning system:

No Cold Air Is Blowing Out

It’s concerning when your central air conditioning system is not blowing out cold air. The issue could be due to a blocked condenser coil, frozen evaporator coil, or low refrigerant level. If your system is blowing out cold air, be sure to have one of our AiRCO cooling professionals come out to diagnose and correct the issue for you.

Strange Noises Are Coming from Your System

Hearing unusual noises from your air conditioning system is a red flag. If you ever hear strange sounds, reach out to one of our air conditioning professionals. The issue won’t correct itself on its own. If you wait too long to have it looked at by an expert, it could develop into an even worse problem and lead to complete system failure.

Poor Airflow

Inadequate airflow means something is preventing your air conditioning system from properly distributing air throughout your home. This is likely due to the compressor, which is responsible for circulating refrigerant. A faulty compressor prevents proper airflow, ultimately leading to inefficient cooling in your home.

Water Leaks

Water leaking from your central air conditioning system is a clear indication of a problem. A clogged condensate drain line is usually to blame. The drain line helps remove moisture created by humidity inside of your home. This condensation travels through the drain pipe and exits by your outdoor air conditioning unit. A clog in your drain line can occur due to excessive dust, dirt, mold, or debris. A clogged drain can create an accumulation of condensation that could lead to a leak inside your home. A leaking air conditioning system could be dangerous and result in water damage on your ceiling or walls, mold growth, or a fire if the water leaks near any electrical component. It’s possible your air conditioning system may turn off and become unable to turn back on. If you notice a leak coming from your air conditioning system or suspect a clog in your condensate drain line, take action quickly and call our AiRCO cooling experts to correct the issue.

Some Areas of Your Home Are Not Cooling Properly

Combating inefficient cooling throughout your home could be as simple as opening all of the vents inside of your home. Be sure to check if you need to move any furniture or bulky items blocking any vents and preventing cool air from circulating. If the vents are open and unblocked or the problem persists, the reason your home has inefficient cooling could be due to your ductwork. Leaks, tears, and damage to your ductwork can result in up to 30 percent air loss, according to ENERGY STAR®. Contact our AiRCO professionals to seal your air ducts so you can reduce your energy loss and cooling costs.

We Can Address All of Your Air Conditioning Needs

At AiRCO, we are always happy to assist with your heating and cooling needs. No matter the issue, we will find a solution and ensure your air conditioning system is working as efficiently as possible so you can remain comfortable in your Round Rock, TX, home. Just reach out to our experts for service today by calling 512.537.1234 or request service online.

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