Should You Install a Zone Control System in Your Home?

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You lie awake, teeth chattering. Unable to fall asleep, you get up and adjust the thermostat before cozying back into bed. Suddenly, you’re jarred by a knock on your bedroom door. A family member is irate because the family room has become too hot to watch “Judge Judy” comfortably. 

Has a version of this scenario ever happened to you? 

If so, your home life would drastically improve with a zone control system. You can individually fine-tune the temperature in each room by installing zone controls. 

Zone controls are an “add-on” that works with your heating and cooling equipment. A control panel links to a series of dampers in your ducts. The dampers open and shut, blocking or releasing conditioned air to keep each room at the desired temperature.

The average home spends over $2,000 a year on energy bills, with half going to heating and cooling costs. Zone controls can cut down those costs.

AirCo Mechanical is pleased to install and service only the finest HVAC technology for our neighbors in Austin and surrounding communities. From our family to yours, here’s the truth about zone-controlled heating and cooling. It adds convenience to nearly any living situation. However, it can really shine in these situations:

Your Home Is Tall or Wide

Does your home have an upstairs and downstairs? Or maybe you have a sprawling ranch-style home, popular here in Texas. If so, you probably have living areas that are vacant during certain times of the day. You can save money by only heating or cooling the rooms you’re using.

Some Rooms Get Naturally Hotter or Colder

A room with sizable glass windows may naturally get hotter (due to sunlight) or colder (due to less insulation). Your kitchen may warm up when you cook or bake. If you have a room that feels “out of sync” with the rest of your home, you could benefit from making it a separate zone. 

You’ve Furnished Your Garage or Attic

Garages and attics can be a really cool hangout spot or bedroom when furnished. However, their temperature needs may vary drastically from other parts of your home. An extra zone will come in handy. 

Highly-Specialized Rooms

Do you have a home gym? An indoor garden or pool? These rooms need to be at a specific temperature. Using the damper system, you can stay cool on the treadmill without blasting the rest of your home with frigid air.

Invest In Zone Control Today

The team at AirCo Mechanical appreciates your interest in the world of home comfort technology. If you’d like to learn more, call our Round Rock, TX, office at 512-537-1234. We’re pleased to provide no-pressure free consultations with an upfront estimate. You can also request service online. 

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