“I live in the Lago Vista area and want to thank "Jr" for fixing my AC unit. He came out on a Sunday to research problem (needed a new air blower and electronic board) and came back on Monday to install new equipment.”
- tim t.

“We had our air conditioning system go out during this current heat wave on a Sunday and we called AIRCO, they assigned us a technician named J.R. ,he called us promptly and came and assed the problem,showed us exactly what caused our unit to stop working and what it would take to get it going again,fixed it right away. Very professional and prompt.”

- Elesa L.

“The technician came out on a weekend to quickly diagnose and replace the needed part. Was important to me to get it fixed quickly to keep my family cool and comfortable in the summer heat.”

- Jordan B.

“Our AC broke at night and it was 83 degrees in the house by morning. We have a newborn and she was not comfortable. Martin was able to get to us and fixed it before the day was over. Great company and great guy, he was friendly and professional and quick. Thanks for helping us.”

- Chris M.

“After being gone all day we arrived in the late afternoon and found that our downstairs unit wasn't working. (And we had out of town house guests!) We had bought the unit from Airco, so we called to see about emergency service. After going through the after hours dispatcher we were able to talk to a service rep – Martine – who went through questions with my husband to determine if it was something easy for him to fix. His communication was so clear. When it became apparent that we would need service he assured us that he could be here at 8:00 in the morning. He called at 8:00 to let us know he would be here in 5-10 minutes and arrived shortly after. He had the problem fixed in less than thirty minutes. If we ever need service we'll be sure to ask for Martine.”

- Marcia T.

“Jorge was wonderful! His honesty and communication were refreshing and on point–just like the A/C he repaired for us. Extremely professional, friendly and customer service oriented!”

- Jorge T.

“So Martin Lozarno came by to check out our system that Airco replaced the entire system about five years ago. We had a sketchy service with Airco, but they came through very well. Martin was very professional and we told him our concerns, which we knew were not under warranty, but just wanted someone to check out. Martin ran some tests and everything went very well. Martin was very knowledgeable and helpful. In this day of loss of employees, and people not showing up, Airco came through. Martin had such great knowledge and answered all of our questions. With the weather getting hot, we were worried that the system might not work. But Martin ran tests and said our system was really working well. Martin, you ROCK!!! Airco, honor Martin!!!”

- Cherlynn L.

“Martin once again did an excellent job.
Not much needed this time, but letting things thaw out and change the filter earlier on and upkeep maintenance on my end.
Thanks Kyle”

- Kyle J.

“Mr. Jardine came out today representing Airco, diagnosed and then installed a new coil. He was very professional, methodical and efficient at his trade. I have seen many installs of coils through the years and this was by far the best. I had an experience a month back with Airco on warranty claim work and the owner of Airco happened to be the person that responded. He verified my story and honored the claim. He quickly diagnosed the issue and resolved it at no charge. I use Airco for my serious plumbing needs here as well. I am quite happy with the overall work and the employees that work for Airco.”

- Dennis J.

“Todd Smith commercial service tech has been professional and extremely helpful in keeping our facility cool during the hot Texas months. Very knowledgeable and familiar with all our Carrier HVAC units.”

- Rick B.

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