Keeping it Green: Airco’s Waste to Energy Program

In 2012 we launched our new Waste to Energy Program, which recycles 100% of filters used by Airco’s commercial and residential services.*

We are proud that this program is still going strong, eliminating up to five tons of waste per year from ending up in local landfills.

Where do all those used filters go?
We collect the dirty filters and send them to a power plant to be burned as fuel to generate electricity. Also, under this program we recycle all of our cardboard.

The Waste to Energy Program is part of our policy of environmental excellence, Greener Demeanor, which is a commitment to best environmental business practices as well as providing the highest standards of environmentally friendly (green) home heating and cooling systems to our customers.

We believe that the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and that means us too. Our commitment to being green is also shown through our achievement of ISO 14001 certification for the company’s Environmental Management System, an environmental business plan for managing and reducing the environmental impacts of the company’s daily operations. Developed in 1996, the ISO 14001 Certification is an international recognition for environmental excellence.

Visit our website to read more about our Greener Demeanor along with 42 Tips for Greening Your Organization.


*Excludes commercial new construction.

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