How to Tell if Your Gas Furnace is Operating Properly


The condition of your gas furnace can have a major impact on your home’s energy cost and the health of your family. While your HVAC professional can give you the best analysis of your system’s performance, you are still able to estimate its condition by inspecting it periodically. Make sure your furnace is:

  • Quiet. Often furnace noises are created during normal operation. Pings, pops, rumbles and shrieks are not sounds that you’d hear from a furnace that’s running as well as it should. Any of these sounds may indicate it’s definitely time to have a professional tend to your system.
  • Odorless. After sitting for a long period without running, you may notice a slight burning dust or dirt smell during your furnace’s first few cycles. Other types of odor can signal trouble, especially if you smell gas, burning rubber or plastic. If you smell natural gas, you should leave your home immediately and walk away from your home before calling 911 or your gas provider. Turn your furnace off immediately if you smell burning odors besides dust and call your HVAC provider for service.
  • In good condition. Your gas furnace should not show signs of wear, rust, soot, or dirt deposits. When your furnace runs, the color of the flame inside the burner should always be blue. If your gas burns yellow, this may indicate it’s not getting enough oxygen and is creating carbon monoxide.
  • Clean. Checking your filter monthly and changing it when it gets dirty will prolong the life of your system and keep energy bills lower.
  • Operating efficiently. Locate the specified temperature rise for your furnace on a plate inside the blower and test the temperature rise by placing an instant read thermometer in the register closest to that blower compartment. It should be close to what the manufacturer specified. If not, then contact your HVAC professional.


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