How to Save Money by Reducing Energy Usage This Summer

How to Utilize Your Landscape for Air Conditioning Efficiency

As the days lengthen, the flowers bloom, and the kids finish school for the year, summer makes its appearance. It means barbecues, beaches, and, of course, a break from the regular routine for many.

Unfortunately, summer can also mean incredibly high energy bills to keep your Texas home cool. However, with a few changes to your daily routine, you can lower those bills. Here are some tips from AiRCO Heating & Air Conditioning in Austin to bring those costs down and save money without sacrificing comfort.

Service Your Air Conditioner (AC) System

Schedule your appointment today to have our professionals conduct a complete inspection of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. Our team can check fluid levels, clean off parts, and tune up your air conditioner to minimize the chances of an inconvenient and costly breakdown over the summer.

A well-maintained air conditioner will operate efficiently for 15 to 20 years. If you currently have an older system, it may be a good idea to consider purchasing a new one, as newer models are more energy efficient and will cut down your utility costs and repairs.

Utilize Windows and Fans

Outdoor temperatures tend to be lower in the nighttime than in the daytime, so take advantage of that difference by opening windows at night. This will allow you to shut off the air conditioner at night and save energy.

In the daytime, draw the blinds or curtains to block the sun from heating up your Austin area home. While many Texas homes have built-in ceiling fans, portable ones are effective and affordable as an alternative. Remember, fans can be used along with air conditioning to keep cooler air moving.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

A smart thermostat can save you a bundle of money over the summer by automatically programming your indoor temperature to match the times you and your loved ones are home or away, sleeping or awake. Purchase a thermostat that not only controls your room temperature but also alerts you to possible issues with your HVAC equipment. Plus, you can adjust temperatures remotely via your smartphone or laptop.

Even when you are at home, leave the thermostat as high as possible to save energy. While it can be tempting to blast the cool air, remember that every degree above 72 degrees Fahrenheit saves on your energy cost. The US Department of Energy (DOE) recommends you try to set the temperature as high as you can without sacrificing comfort.

Watch Electronics

Nowadays, we love our phones, TVs, computers, and other electronic devices. But they, too, use energy and generate heat. Turn them off when you are not using them. 

Also, keep them away from the thermostat—your tablet can actually cause an incorrect temperature read and trick the thermostat into thinking the house is warmer than it really is, which will activate your air conditioner to turn on prematurely.

Insulate Your Attic, Basement, and Crawl Spaces

Call us today to insulate your attic, crawl space, and other areas that might benefit from an added layer of protection. Insulation not only helps your home retain heat in the winter but can help maintain a cooler environment in the summertime. Be sure you have adequate insulation installed in your attic and crawl spaces. Making this investment now will pay dividends for years to come.

Reduce Indoor Heat Generators

Is it barbecue time already?! Cooking produces a lot of heat, so try to use the oven only when necessary. Microwaves and stoves tend to generate less heat. Or you can go for the summer tradition of outdoor grilling to keep the heat out of the house.

Try to do the laundry and run the dishwasher only with full loads, and use cold or warm water instead of hot. Air dry dishes and hang the laundry outdoors. You may also want to consider switching to LED (light-emitting diode) lightbulbs since they produce less heat and last longer.

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