How Does My Air Conditioning System Affect My Allergies?

How Does My Air Conditioning System Affect My Allergies?

Are allergies leading to discomfort, congestion, and constant sneezing in your Round Rock home? The same air conditioning (AC) system you trust to provide comfort on a hot summer day could be responsible for exacerbating your allergy symptoms.

Over 50 million people in the United States suffer from allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). One way to protect yourself from a full-blown attack is by reducing the number of allergens circulating throughout your Texas home.

At AiRCO Heating & Air Conditioning, we are committed to enhancing your indoor comfort. The last thing we want is for you, or anyone in your household, to struggle with worsening allergy symptoms because of your air conditioning system.

You can trust our heating and cooling experts to find the best solutions you need to breathe easy and enjoy a clean atmosphere inside your home.

Is My Air Conditioning System Making My Allergies Worse?

An older AC system approaching the end of its service life could be compromising your indoor air quality (IAQ). Failing to keep up with maintenance and regular cleaning services means your aging system is circulating all types of contaminants—including dust, dander, dirt, pollen, mold, and bacteria.

Can My Air Conditioning System Help Relieve My Allergies?

If you struggle with allergies, opting for professional maintenance at least once a year could make a significant difference. Routine maintenance keeps your system operating efficiently.

Air conditioning systems help balance indoor humidity levels, providing relief for your allergies. They also filter out common household allergens. Remember to replace or clean your HVAC air filter every 90 days or so. You may need to clean or replace some filters more often. A clogged filter impedes your system airflow and allows allergens to circulate throughout your home. Be sure to dust or wipe down your vents too.

How Can I Improve My Air Quality?

Additional solutions to help alleviate some of your allergy symptoms include:

Whole-home dehumidifiers and whole-home humidifiers: Even with a quality air conditioning system, your home may still need a little help with humidity levels. Allergies can peak when your home is too humid or overly dry. Opt for a whole-home dehumidifier or whole-home humidifier to maintain ideal humidity levels.

Indoor air quality products: At AiRCO, we offer several indoor air quality products designed to reduce allergens and other airborne pollutants. Be sure to speak with one of our professionals today to see which product could help you achieve your specific goals.

Air duct cleaning service: Over time, your ductwork tends to accumulate an excess amount of allergens and other particles. Be sure to regularly schedule an air duct cleaning to ensure the air inside your home is clean and safe to breathe. Clean ducts can make a huge difference in your air quality.

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