Ductless Maintenance Tips

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If you have a modern, energy-efficient ductless system, you’ll want to protect your investment with good maintenance practices. Our team at AiRCO Heating and Cooling wants to be sure you are well informed about the basic things you can do to take care of your ductless, or mini-split, system. Here are some  tips to add to your regular to-do list.

Basic Dusting

Like just about everything in a modern home, your ductless system will attract dust and debris over time. While dusty shelves and knickknacks probably won’t affect your Austin home much in terms of functionality, dust can easily invade a ductless system and affect its performance over time. Be sure to wipe down your ductless unit, especially around the intake vents, on a weekly basis.

Plenty of Room

One of the big advantages of a ductless system is it requires less space in your Texas home than a conventional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. That being said, it’s important you don’t place furniture, bookshelves, pictures, or other items within a four-foot perimeter. 

Good air circulation is critical for the proper functioning of any HVAC equipment, and a ductless unit is no different. By providing plenty of room, you’ll maximize your ductless system’s performance as well as help minimize dust accumulation.

Clean Air Filters

Before you begin working on the inside of your ductless unit, you’ll want to turn off the system and allow it to cool. This will protect both you and the system from damage and additional problems. 

Cleaning your air filters is a necessary step in maintaining your ductless system. Check your instruction manual for proper care and frequency; most filters should be wiped down and cleaned every one to two months. If your filter becomes damaged over time, be sure to replace it.

Clean Outdoor Components

The ductless system’s condenser resides in the outside half of your system. As a result, it’s easy for leaves, cut grass, and other yard debris to blow into your system. Be sure to clean off the outside portion regularly. 

In addition, you’ll want to remove the outside cover and gently spray down the unit with a garden hose. Be sure not to bend the fins and dry the entire unit before replacing the cover. If you perform this step weekly, you’ll be preserving the life and function of your ductless system.

Check Connecting Pipes

Your ductless system has pipes that connect the outside and inside components of your unit. These are critical to the proper operation of your system and should be checked for dirt and debris each time you clean your air filter. 

A visual check can help you stay aware of their condition. If pipes are clogged, be sure to clean them out.

Remove Ice and Snow

Your ductless system can work as a heater in the winter by reversing its operation. When you operate it as such, you may notice condensation builds up on the outside unit, leading to ice accumulation. 

When this occurs, it’s important to gently remove the buildup, because allowing it to continue to build up can seriously damage your ductless unit and lead to expensive repairs.

Professional Maintenance

Finally, invest in a professional maintenance service call at least once a year. An experienced and trained technician will be able to properly drain hoses, clear blockages, and check for coolant leaks. A comprehensive maintenance inspection should check electrical connections, capacitors, and other sensitive components, including replacement and repair if required.

According to ENERGY STAR®, these units can reduce your energy consumption by 30 percent. Be sure to take capitalize on this opportunity by keeping your system well maintained.

Call AiRCO for Your Ductless Maintenance

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