Don’t Forget to Protect Your HVAC When Remodeling Your Home

With all of the dust, debris, and changing priorities during a remodeling project, it’s quite easy for your HVAC system to be forgotten and for it to get damaged. When planning out your remodel make sure to take steps to protect your HVAC system ahead of time.

Here are some simple ways you can make sure that your home and your HVAC system both look great after the remodel:

• Review your house plans with potential contractors and understand how it will impact your HVAC before committing to a particular project or contractor. It’s a lot easier to avoid damage and potential catastrophe before the remodel begins.

• If the project is creating a lot of particulates or dust, don’t run the HVAC system while the work is in progress or before it gets cleaned up. The particulates can get into your filters and duct work.

• Sweep up, wipe down and vacuum the work area often to keep the buildup of dust and particulates down as much as possible.

• Clean your HVAC filters frequently if you must run the system while the remodel work is going on. Filters can get clogged with small bits of dirt even if they don’t look soiled.

• Close room registers where work is going on to keep particulates from getting in them. If you are running the HVAC system in other sections of the house, be sure you aren’t shutting down the airflow to your compressor by accident, as it can put stress out the system and possibly cause it to overheat or other problems.

• Hang up plastic tarps in work rooms to cut them off from the rest of the house and keep the debris contained.

• Ask the contractor to conduct most of the cutting, sawing and other particulate producing activities outside, or a place where there isn’t a HVAC register.

• After the remodel is done, have the HVAC system inspected and cleaned.

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