Common AC and HVAC Problems That Can Cost You Money

hvac costing money.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are a standard fixture in most Austin homes. These systems run nearly every day, making your home a more comfortable environment for you and your family. 

However, they require a significant amount of energy to run, and as a result, you want to be sure your HVAC system is free from common problems that can cost you money. Our team at AiRCO Heating and Cooling has a few tips to help you do just that.

Stop Inefficient Usage

It’s so easy to just adjust your thermostat to your preferred temperature and forget everything else. However, you may be wasting energy and money by overlooking some simple things. For example, if you’re running your air conditioning, be sure your windows and doors are closed in your Texas home and close off vents to unused rooms. The same goes during the winter when you are running your heat. 

You may want to program your thermostat to automatically turn on and off when you leave for work, return home, or turn in for the night. Several new smart technologies, including smart thermostats and zoning systems, can help you accomplish both these goals more easily.

Remember Maintenance

Your HVAC unit is designed to operate at peak efficiency only if you keep it properly cleaned and maintained. Something as simple as changing your air conditioning (AC) air filters can save around 20 percent of your energy costs.

Common issues that can cost a great deal of money over time include improper air conditioning refrigerant levels, dirty condenser coils, and clogged ventilation systems.

Talk with one of our HVAC professionals about maintenance packages, and schedule an annual cleaning, inspection, and tune-up to keep your system operating efficiently.

Size System Properly

An air conditioning system as well as an overall HVAC unit should be sized to your home. This can be calculated roughly using a formula that looks at the square footage of your home. 

To generate a more accurate measurement, take into consideration the volume of your home, which is especially useful for those houses with high ceilings. In addition, consider the local climate and how often you and your family are actually at home.

If an air conditioner is too small, it will run constantly and never be able to cool down your home. If your air conditioner is too large, it will cool things down quickly but also cycle on and off too frequently. This can cause the life span of your system to be shortened from overuse of components.

Fix Broken Thermostats

Although a thermostat is not typically considered a part of an HVAC system, it plays a key role in the operation of your HVAC system. Sensors must accurately measure the temperature of the room you are trying to heat or cool in order for your HVAC system to receive the correct instructions. If your thermostat is not working correctly, it can cause your entire system to cycle too frequently, resulting in increased wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.

Insulate Well

Investing in quality insulation, not only throughout your home but around your air ducts, can also help you save energy. By the time your heated or cooled air travels throughout your home’s duct network, you can lose several degrees. 

That means your HVAC system must actually cool or heat the air significantly lower or higher to deliver your desired temperature. Good insulation can reduce the differential, saving you money each day.

Call the HVAC Experts

If you want to be sure your HVAC unit is running efficiently, give our trained professionals at AiRCO Heating and Cooling in Round Rock a call. Our knowledgeable and friendly team would be happy to answer questions or provide additional information. Call 512-537-1234 or request service online today.

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