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The Benefits of Window Air Conditioners with Heat Pumps

June 16, 2024
Window Air Conditioner

Stay Comfortable All Year with Window Air Conditioners with Heat Pumps Do you get frustrated trying to cool down in summer or stay warm in winter? Many of us do. I’m always looking for ways to stay at the right temperature. It’s hard to find the right system. But then I found window air conditioners…

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New Construction Plumbing Services – Reliable Experts

June 12, 2024
Plumber Plumbing

Ensure Your Project’s Success with Expert New Construction Plumbing Services Building a new home or commercial property requires meticulous attention to every detail. From the foundation to the roof, each component must be carefully planned and executed. Often, the plumbing system is overlooked, but it is vital for the building’s functionality. This was a lesson…

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How Long Do AC Units Last in Texas? Maximize Unit Lifespan

June 10, 2024
A technician wearing a blue shirt and cap is repairing an air conditioning unit, holding a component in place. A multimeter and wires are placed on a nearby surface.

The Lifespan of AC Units in Texas Living in Texas, I know how hot the summers get. Days over 90 degrees make life tough. A working air conditioning unit is a must. But, how long do AC units last in Texas, and when do you need a new one? AC units in Texas usually last…

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AC Maintenance Checklist

May 31, 2024
Portrait of a cheerful man using smart phone at home office.

During those dog days of summer, your air conditioning system can be your very best friend.

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5 Ways to Lower Your Summer Energy Bill

June 13, 2022
Energy Bill

You can beat the heat in central Texas without going broke from high energy bills this summer.

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We Are Open 24/7 for Repairs

February 15, 2022
Repairs 24/7

At AiRCO Mechanical, we know that perfect timing is often a pipe dream. Furnaces sometimes blow cold air in the dead of winter. Central air conditioning can go out during a heatwave here in Texas. Heat pumps break down at the most inconvenient times. 

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Video – Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Like It’s Burning?

January 24, 2022
Heat Pump Smell

You turn on your heat pump, and you smell something burning. What should you do? Who should you call first, the fire department or your HVAC technician? First assess what the smell most likely is, and you may not need to call anyone. Of course, if you’re still nervous because you just don’t know, turn off your heat pump and give one of our highly trained technicians a call at 512-537-1234 to come out to diagnose the smell for you.

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Can a Zoning System Save You Money and Energy?

May 7, 2018

Your HVAC system’s job is to keep you comfortable during the extreme summer heat and freezing winter weather. You need a system that can achieve this while also being as effective and efficient as possible. An HVAC zoning system is a good fit due to the way it heats and cools different parts of your…

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How to Get the Best HVAC Contractor

April 24, 2018

You’re probably smart enough to realize that with something as important as your home’s heating and cooling system, you should be careful about who you’re buying it from, and who’s servicing and repairing it once installed. But how do you find a quality HVAC contractor? Here are some good rules of thumb about choosing the…

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A Guide for Finding the Right Furnace

April 18, 2018

When the time hits to replace an old heating system, finding the right furnace that can keep your home comfortable, delivers reasonable utility costs and is within budget are key factors in such an important decision that will affect your household for many winters. The first step in choosing the right furnace is to select…

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Heat Pump Advantages: Compared to Air Conditioners?

August 13, 2015

Many homeowners scratch their heads over the differences between central air conditioners and heat pumps. After all, they appear very similar and both provide cooling. So what’s the difference? Learn below about some heat pump advantages. How Heat Pumps Resemble Central A/Cs When it comes to household cooling, a heat pump and A/C are really…

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Tips to Get the Best Energy Savings Out of Your Programmable Thermostat

August 4, 2015

Studies show that you can increase savings on cooling and heating costs by correctly utilizing a programmable thermostat. Studies also show that many homeowners don’t use them properly. In one survey, half of installed programmable thermostats were operating in “hold” mode and weren’t programmed for automatic operation. A programmable thermostat enables you to automate temperatures…

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Tips for Protecting Your A/C Unit From Being Stolen

July 14, 2015

You’re A/C’s outdoor unit holds expensive copper in the coil, refrigerant lines and wiring. This makes it accessible to thieves who could destroy your most expensive A/C component to harvest its copper. Protecting you’re A/C unit from being stolen with some of our tips can help alleviate stress, inconvenience and costly equipment replacement. Ways to…

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The Comfort in Your Home isn’t Just Impacted by the Temperature

July 7, 2015

The Comfort in Your Home isn’t Just Impacted by the Temperature If you were questioned about the important factors that affect the comfort in your home, you would likely say that temperature has the principal impact. Regulating the ambient temperature plays a large role, however other factors such as indoor air quality as well as…

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The Advantages of Opting into an HVAC Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

July 2, 2015

If you’re considering buying a house in the Austin area, you should think about having an HVAC inspection performed as well as your regular home inspection prior to making an offer. An in-depth HVAC inspection is especially important for older houses, where the past of the cooling and heating systems can be questionable. It’s also…

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Why Your Air Conditioning System is Blowing Hot Air

June 23, 2015

When your A/C is blowing hot air into your Austin home, you’ll want to find the cause so the situation can be resolved fast. Review a list of common problems that can cause your A/C to blow hot air and decided if you can troubleshoot the issue or if it may be time to contact an…

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How to Upgrade Your HVAC Products by Utilizing the EnergyGuide Label

June 19, 2015

Chances are you’ve come across the EnergyGuide label shown on home appliances. In the case that you’re searching for a new heat pump, central air conditioner or other HVAC equipment that is associated with the EnergyGuide label program, the information shown on the label plays an essential role in maximizing your investment. Read on to…

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What You Need to Know to Maintain Your Geothermal System

June 12, 2015

Geothermal HVAC systems operate on ground loops buried in your soil, deep enough that the ground temperature is the same year-round. This provides a heat sink in the summer and an abundant source of energy in the winter, but it also puts the outdoor coils out of reach. Fortunately, geothermal systems are quite reliable, and…

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks Austin Homeowners Can Tackle

May 26, 2015

Like any complex equipment, your air conditioner needs maintenance. Scheduling a spring tune-up through your HVAC contractor will help keep your A/C in top form. Many tasks the technician performs during your annual air conditioner maintenance visits require expertise and training, but others can be performed by the homeowner with some basic knowledge of how the A/C runs.…

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Garden Spot: Indoor or Out

May 8, 2015

Spring is a great time to get your hands in the dirt and plant some flowers. If you don’t have lots of space or time try planting a container garden. It’s an easy and fun way to add a splash of color to a deck, patio, or front step. Choose a container that fits the…

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Spring Energy-Saving Tips for Your Austin Home

April 17, 2015

This spring, as the weather warms up, you will have ample opportunity to save more energy in your Austin home. Here are some great home energy-saving tips you can implement today: Spring Energy-Saving Tips Use natural ventilation. When it’s comfortable temperatures outside, open up your windows, and let that fresh air ventilate your home. Spring…

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8 Tips to Reduce Cooling Costs in Your Austin Home

April 14, 2015

Although our summers can be warm, you won’t have to break the bank keeping your home cool. There are many ways to maintain comfort and to reduce cooling costs at the same time. See our guide to eight tips to live by this summer. Vent moisture. Humidity in your home makes you feel warmer than it really…

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Great Ways to Enjoy a Healthier Home Environment

April 7, 2015

The average home contains many unseen dangers, ranging from dust, chemicals and ordinary clutter to silent and deadly gases like carbon monoxide and radon. Learning how to reduce these dangers is important for creating a healthier environment in your Austin home. Here are some great tips for making your home a healthier space: Clean up the clutter.…

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Tips for Preventing These Common Indoor Allergy Triggers

March 20, 2015

  Your home should be a relaxing place to unwind at the end of the day. But when your living space hold indoor allergy triggers, it can easily become the last place you want to spend time in. Even those who don’t suffer from allergies can feel flu-like symptoms and other negative side effects caused…

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How to Tell if Your Gas Furnace is Operating Properly

March 12, 2015

The condition of your gas furnace can have a major impact on your home’s energy cost and the health of your family. While your HVAC professional can give you the best analysis of your system’s performance, you are still able to estimate its condition by inspecting it periodically. Make sure your furnace is: Quiet. Often furnace noises are created during normal operation. Pings,…

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Daylight Savings Time Means Spring Cleaning is Here!

March 8, 2015

Daylight Savings Time is here and that means more daylight and it also means a great time to tackle that spring cleaning and get organized. Some of us are blessed with the gift of organization. Things seem to always be in the right place at the right time. Then there are those who just can’t…

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5 Reasons to Consider a Geothermal Heat System for Your Austin Home

March 6, 2015

Installing a geothermal heating and cooling system is a super energy-efficient and money-saving route to maintain comfort in many Austin homes. The following description lists just some of the benefits you can expect from installing a geothermal heating system for your home. High energy efficiency: Compared to furnaces and other traditional heating systems, geothermal heating is much more efficient.…

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Common Odor Issues with High Efficiency HVAC Units & How to Prevent Them

February 27, 2015

After purchasing a high efficiency HVAC unit, you might be surprised when your system starts putting out a nasty odor. “Dirty sock syndrome” and other odor-based issues are relatively common in high efficiency HVAC units. Discover some causes of HVAC odors and what can be done to prevent them. Causes of Odors in High Efficiency HVAC…

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Find Out How Long a Gas Furnace Should Last in Your Austin Home

February 20, 2015

When you invest in a gas furnace for your Austin home, you should expect to receive many years of reliable service from your system. But how long can your gas furnace last in our climate? It depends on several of the following factors. Average expected lifespan: Gas furnaces can operate between 12 to 15 years. Outside factors will…

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Advanced Features That Give Heat Pumps Improved Performance

February 10, 2015

Today’s technological improvements have wonderfully enhanced the year-round performance of heat pumps. These new particular features may help you get the most comfort, energy savings and versatility out of such an innovative appliance. Compressor Options The compressor in your heat pump alters the pressure of the refrigerant, which allows it to carry heat to and from your home.…

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Whole-House Air Filtration or Cleaning: 4 Types

January 30, 2015

The air in your Austin-area home carries pollen, dust and other contaminants throughout your house. A whole-house air filtration or other cleaning systems within your furnace’s ductwork helps eliminate these before they affect you and your family. Ultraviolet Cleaners Whole-house air filtration can be just as powerful as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). Ultraviolet (UV) light…

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Protect Yourself and Your Family from Getting Sick this Cold Season

January 23, 2015

While you can’t stop the spread of germs entirely during the cooler months, there are ways you can maintain a healthier home environment for you and your family this winter by improving your indoor air quality. Here are some simple ways to reduce air pollutants in your house: *Dust and vacuum regularly to reduce mold,…

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Forced-Air Furnace – You Have One, but What Does That Mean?

January 12, 2015

You may have just purchased a new home or renovated your current one, and now have a forced-air furnace. But what are they, and why are these units so popular? All furnaces share a similar design, although traditional models use convection to provide heat. This means that it takes advantage of hot air’s tendency to…

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The Home's Ductwork: How Those Leaks Are Costing You Money and Compromising Your Air Quality

January 9, 2015

Homeowners with forced-air HVAC systems should be aware that ductwork leaks can produce high energy bills and compromised indoor air quality. Ducts are known to leak at any stage during their useful life of a home and are usually hidden from view. The breaches in ducts can send dirt and noxious gases into the home,…

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When the Heat Pump Acts Up, Here's What to Do

December 22, 2014

In some climates, choosing a heat pump for your cooling and heating needs offers an energy efficient alternative to separate furnace and air conditioner equipment. Although heat pumps do have limitations, in extremely cold weather especially, steps can be followed to keep your unit operating at peak efficiency while extending your heat pump’s operational lifespan.…

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