AC Maintenance Articles

4 Reasons to Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

May 27, 2021
Lady needing Air Conditioner Repaired

Don’t force yourself to deal with an aging air conditioning system. There are plenty of great options available to maximize your comfort.

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How Preventative HVAC Maintenance Protects Your Warranty

December 4, 2020

Are you ready to upgrade your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) in your Austin home? If so, be sure to sign up for an HVAC maintenance agreement so you can keep your new system in your Texas home in top shape. AiRCO Heating & Air Conditioning offers several different maintenance agreement memberships so your…

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Spooooky Noises! Are They Your HVAC System?

October 19, 2020

Creak! Rattle! Bang! What if those are not the noises of scary Halloween celebrations, but instead, coming from your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system? Although all heating and cooling equipment may make noises from time to time, not all noises are equal in severity. Some may be perfectly normal operating sounds while others…

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Get Your HVAC System Ready for Winter!

October 19, 2020

According to the dictionary, the definition of the word “maintain” is to “enable a condition to continue.” When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, that means making sure your furnace or heat pump is ready for the winter so it can continue to keep your family warm and comfortable. Our professionals…

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Ductless Maintenance Tips

November 15, 2019
ductless unit in a living room

If you have a modern, energy-efficient ductless system, you’ll want to protect your investment with good maintenance practices. Our team at AiRCO Heating and Cooling wants to be sure you are well informed about the basic things you can do to take care of your ductless, or mini-split, system. Here are some  tips to add…

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How to Maintain Your Ductless Mini Split System

September 26, 2019
ductless maintenance.

Air conditioning is one of those things that’s difficult to live without here in Austin, especially during the dog days of summer. Regardless of what type of air conditioner you own, the best way to keep it running reliably and efficiently is with good maintenance practices. Our team at AiRCO Heating and Cooling is well…

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When Do I Need a New AC?

August 22, 2019
person cooling down because of a broken AC

One of the most difficult parts of adulting these days is making big decisions such as when you should spend money on things like a new air conditioner (AC). Air conditioning systems can be expensive, and although they can provide a great deal of added comfort in the hot summer, they are not as critical…

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When Do I Need an AC Tune-Up?

May 21, 2019
When do i need AC maintenance in Austin Texas.

The best time to have an air conditioning tune-up is late spring, right before the weather gets really hot in Austin. During this time, you probably haven’t run your air conditioner for several months, and it will still be some time before you need it on full blast all the time. Our team at AiRCO…

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Do I Really Need An AC Maintenance Inspection?

May 21, 2019
Technician Performing Maintenance and Cleaning on Air Conditioner

Summer is quickly approaching. On the most scorching of days, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is your HVAC system breaking down. That’s why you should schedule an inspection and tune-up for your air conditioner as part of your spring cleaning. You might not want to spend the money now, but a costly…

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3 Types of Cooling and Heating Loads You Need to Know About

May 7, 2018

You’d be surprised at the importance of properly sizing a new residential HVAC system. If the cooling or heating system is oversized or undersized, it will waste energy and underperform. An essential element of HVAC sizing is calculating cooling and heating loads, or the needs and requirements of a home. There are three main types of loads.…

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There’s Nothing Cool About A Broken AC

April 24, 2018

Living in Austin during the summer is a great time; frequent visits to the Green Belt, Wednesday evenings spent at Blues on the green, and plenty of time spent relaxing around great company. But summer can become a living nightmare when you come home after a hot day at Barton Springs to find out your…

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