A Loose Nut Can Bring the Whole System Down

Smart people understand that it’s necessary to perform regular preventative maintenance on your car to keep it running properly and ensure that it lasts long into the future. They also save time and money. It’s like going to a general doctor for regular checkups to avoid being really sick later.

Here are three reasons that a regular maintenance plan for your heater and air conditioner saves you money.

1) A well-maintained system runs more efficiently.

If your HVAC system isn’t running at peak efficiency, you’re losing money. Your system may be heating and cooling, keeping your home at the desired temperature, but it could be working harder than it should do its job. If you have dirty filters or coils, your system works much harder to draw in air and circulate it through the system. A dirty evaporator coil, condenser or blower motor can all impact your system’s efficiency. This means that your air conditioner or heat pump could be using up to 50% more electricity than necessary (costing you 50% more in energy bills than necessary).

2) Regular tune-ups protect your system from catastrophic failure.

Routine maintenance can also prevent breakdowns, prolonging the life of your entire system. Moving parts like your system’s blower can be prone to developing loose bolts or worn bearings, which can accelerate the degradation of these crucial components, necessitating their replacement. If not checked regularly, these small problems can become big ones which are much more expensive to fix – especially if they require new parts. The relatively low cost of keeping your system tuned up is a small price to pay compared to what it costs to replace your whole system.

3) Maintenance checks can detect safety hazards.

Beyond the possibility of a system breakdown, overall system safety checks are crucial. If your heating system runs on propane or natural gas, loose line fittings can allow gas to leak into your home – creating fire and health hazards. Likewise, loose wiring connections can cause electrical hazards in your home. You can’t put a price on your family’s safety.

Regardless of your budget, Airco Heating and Air Conditioning has a plan to fit your needs. Our maintenance plans offer you full coverage for parts and labor when your system needs work*, and include regular inspection and tuning appointments. And once you’ve signed up, make sure to schedule your first visit.

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