5 Things to Check Before Calling Your Air Conditioning Repair Expert

It’s no fun when the hot weather hits and your air conditioning stops working. But there are some quick steps to take first to make sure it’s in the proper operating mode before calling an AC expert to repair the problem.

1. First, check to see if the thermostat switch is set to the proper position for cooling.

2. Second, make sure the set-point is below the room temperature.

3. Your furnace also plays a part in your air conditioner performance. The air conditioner needs the furnace to circulate the air so check the furnace settings and make sure the furnace power switch is in the on position.

4. Next, check the furnace filter. It should be changed every three months. If it’s dirty change it now.

5. Finally, check that the air-conditioning disconnect or breaker has been turned on.
 If you know how to check the circuits, see if any are blown.

If your air conditioner is still not working properly, now is the time to call a licensed HVAC professional to fix your cooling problem. While having a troubleshoot checklist to follow can often resolve your air conditioner problem quickly, we highly recommend having a licensed professional perform all maintenance and installation functions.

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