5 Reasons to Invest in a Smart Thermostat

5 reasons to invest in a smart thermostat

In 2021, your dream home has never been more accessible or affordable. More and more Texas homeowners are embracing smart thermostats, a huge innovation in home automation. Favored for their convenience, accessibility, and energy-saving abilities, smart thermostats will elevate your home comfort experience to the utmost degree. 

Did you know heating and cooling accounts for almost half of the average American homeowner’s utility bill? Smart thermostats can help you cut costs with real-time energy usage reports and customized energy-saving cycles based on feedback it gathers from your habits. It’s like having a team of analysts working 24/7 to keep your home energy efficient. 

At AirCo Mechanical, we look forward to helping our customers upgrade to new-and-improved heating and cooling technology. With locations in both Round Rock and San Antonio, we can quickly dispatch qualified and friendly specialists to meet your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. 

From our desk, here are five reasons you should invest in a smart thermostat: 

Control It With Your Phone

Adjusting your thermostat has never been easier—you don’t even have to get up! You can conveniently control temperature settings with an app on your phone. That also means you can adjust the temperature anywhere.

Did you forget to turn off the AC on your way out the door? No need to turn around. Did your friends from out of town arrive early? Keep them comfy while they wait for you.  

Maintenance Reminders

Preventative HVAC maintenance is the best way to maximize energy efficiency, avoid costly repairs, and extend your equipment’s lifespan. Unfortunately, many homeowners lose track of their maintenance schedule. Smart thermostats offer important maintenance reminders. They will also let you know when it’s time to change your air filter. 

Know Right Away When There’s A Problem

Some heating and cooling problems can go unnoticed for weeks or even months. Smart thermostats communicate with sensors that can detect mechanical problems and instantly send a notification to your phone. That way, you can thwart issues immediately before they lead to bigger problems. 

Monitor Energy Efficiency 

Using your phone, computer, or tablet, you can keep tabs on your energy usage. You can pinpoint specific days or weeks when you’re using the most energy, make adjustments, and cut down. 

Let The Algorithm Work Its Magic

Smart thermostats can pick up on your schedule. From there, they can create the perfect cycle that suits your home comfort needs while saving you money. It will automatically turn off while you’re away from home and lower the temperature while you’re asleep. When coupled with room sensors and zone control systems, it can automatically heat and cool only the rooms that you’re using. 

Find The Perfect Smart Thermostat For Your Home Needs

Want to learn more? Let the team at AirCo Mechanical help you find a thermostat that matches your home’s needs and budget. Call our Round Rock, TX, office today at 512-537-1234 or request service online. 

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