3 Ways a Zone Control System Saves You Money

Want to save money and add more comfort to your Austin home? 

Consider installing a zone control system.

Also known as zoning, these comfort systems are tailor-made for our spacious homes here in Central Texas. By installing thermostats around your home and automated dampers in your ductwork, you can pick and choose the temperature in different sections of your home.

A zone control system is perfect for families in which everyone has a different temperature preference. They also work well in homes with intricate floor plans, where it becomes more of a challenge to maintain a constant temperature in every room.

Adding a zone control system only increases the value of your home when you plan to sell. The real estate website Zillow expects Austin to outperform the national housing market in 2020.

At AiRCO Heating & Cooling, we take great pride in providing great service and quality products to homeowners throughout the Austin area. We value your comfort and your health. Continue reading to learn three ways a zone control system saves you money.

How a Zone Control System Works

With a zone control system, thermostats are installed in various rooms throughout your home. The thermostats connect to a central control panel, which also controls dampers installed in your ductwork. When you adjust the thermostats, the control panel opens and closes the automate dampers to reach the target temperature in the different zones.

The beauty of this system is how you can heat or cool a specific room rather than your entire home, saving you money.

1. Lower Your Utility Bills

No longer is your furnace or air conditioner continuously working to achieve a constant temperature throughout your entire home. You can now control the temperature in rarely used rooms, along with finding the perfect comfort level in the rooms you occupy most. 

You increase your home’s efficiency and waste less energy. Particularly in a larger home, a zone control system will significantly lower your monthly utility bills.

Our temperature control experts at AiRCO can determine the best zones in your home. We can then install a zone control system that will add comfort to your home for years to come.

2. Protect Your HVAC Equipment

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment in your home is a big investment. The payoff is the long service life you can expect from your high-efficiency furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump.

A zone control system cuts down on the wear and tear of your HVAC equipment and extends the life span of this significant investment. Trying to match the temperature in every room is no longer a concern. 

Your HVAC system only uses energy to make certain rooms comfortable—the ones you occupy. Zoning protects the HVAC equipment without compromising your comfort.

At AiRCO, we understand that home comfort depends on temperature, the humidity level, and the indoor air quality. We take into account all these factors to create an environment that fits your budget and lifestyle.

3. No More Thermostat Fiddling!

Does anyone in your family fiddle with the thermostat? One person adjusts it higher, the next person lowers it. One person is comfortable; the other person is not. And your HVAC system keeps cycling on and off, increasing your utility bills.

A zone control system puts an end to thermostat fiddling! Each family member can adjust the thermostat in the different zones to the temperature of their choosing. Everyone is happy, especially you and your pocketbook.

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with your zone control system to maximize your comfort and cost savings. Programmable thermostats only add to the efficiency of the system.

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